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I am a Theistic Satanist and a part of the Priesthood of the Satanic Thulian Society .2 Degree .I am also a Grotto master of E.D.S.S Central Florida Grotto...I Began my path 28 yrs ago . I grew up in magikal Childe NYC, along with the The Manni Black Grotto  , (((House of Wolves which i am a member , friends of sabertooth, a satanic and vampiric grotto))) NYC ,The Blackhood Society which I created and ran from 96 to1997 . Let's not forget The Lucifer Show that came on channel 69 on  the weekend's ....A time When we where EVERYWHERE in the flesh ..I grew up in Woodhaven Queens also know as WitchHaven .There where many  Satanic Orders not just mine ... Alot of Voodoo and Hoodoo was all through our neighborhoods and in Forest Park Queens.In a time when  the COS and Satanist alike actually believed in Satan and the Infernal teachings  where taught more than  read. ... NO MUNDANE currents or Clayborn teachings.. 

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    Grotto of Ecclesia De Sidereum Sapientia.

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We are a Grotto of the, Satanic Thulian Society

Open: November - 11- 2021.

By, Priest and Grotto Master: Nakia Chase. 2 Degree to the Priesthood of the Satanic Thulian Society and Grotto Mistress: Frances Chase member of the Satanic Thulian Society...

We are of Diabolic Gnosticism enlightenment. Teachings of the Left-Hand Path of the 9 angles of the Infernal Geometry of the Church of Starry Wisdom or Starry Wisdom Cult . Let's a trip to federal hill . Gaze into the Shining Trapezohedron and travel beyond the Stars.

Hail Yog-Sothoth , Hail Azathoth , Hail Yog-Niggurath , Hail Nyarlathotep.  

 ...To teachings of the Black Light of the Sitra Achra. ...Pathway of the 11 angles of the Blacklight. No mundane or Clayborn understanding, just Teachings of Diabolic Gnosticism and PURE Satanic Currents. Hail the 218= 11

    The ways of the hyperborean traditional Pathways to the Black Sun, transcending the spirit back to our ancestors... Pathways that bring us back to the patchwork that aligns us with ancient ways and traditions that guides us back to the void...                                                                  



Ecclesia De Sidereum Sapientia Florida Grotto . A official Grotto of the S.T.S


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